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FAQ's - Relationship Coaching

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► How can a Relationship Coach help me?

A RELATIONSHIP Coach will help you improve your skills and performance in your relationship. 

Our Relationship Coaching program is designed to help you learn how to do whatever you can to have the passionate, peaceful, intimate and romantic relationship you long for.



► How is a Relationship Coaching program different from Marriage Counselling?

Most of the time, MARRIAGE COUNSELLING is a last resort. A Relationship Coaching program focuses on the good things instead of the bad. It is a result-oriented method of seeking the good in your relationship and helping you gain knowledge of what can be done to promote it.

► What are the qualifications of Relationship Coaches at Let's-Live Coaching?

Every Coach who is in affiliation with Let's-Live Coaching has gone through personal screening and training sessions. All of our Coaches are familiar with the personal limitations that prevent many people from having a healthy and intimate relationship with their partner or spouse.

► What can I expect from a Let's-Live Relationship Coaching Program?

The Relationship Coaching Program at Let's-Live Coaching is not just talk therapy. We use a number of techniques such as visualization and perspective exercises to help you overcome your relationship challenges. We will also help you explore the various aspects in your relationship including values, purposes and the roles each of you need to take for making your relationship WORK.

► How many sessions will I need?

The number of Relationship Coaching sessions you need to attend greatly depends on your requirement and preference. Unlike COUNSELLING PROGRAMS, Coaching programs do not extend over a long duration. The length of your Relationship Coaching session depends on you and your situation.

► What kind of Relationship Coaching courses do you provide?

At Let's-Live Coaching, we have three choices of Relationship Coaching programs – 2 days, 3 days and 7 days retreat for Relationship Coaching. You can learn more about each of these programs at our Relationship Coaching Courses section.

► Do you only provide Coaching for couples?

Let's-Live Coaching provides Relationship Coaching programs for couples as well as families We understand that many individuals require Coaching in their relationship skills with their partners, family members or both. We will provide you with a personal Relationship Coach depending on the nature and extent of your relationship issues

► Can I become a Relationship Coach?

Let's-Live Coaching provides training and certification programs for anyone who wishes to become A RELATIONSHIP Coach. Through these programs, we can help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to WORK with individuals who are facing problems in their relationships with others.

► What does your Relationship Coaching Training and Certification Program provide?

Our Relationship Coaching Training and Certification Program will help you gain all the necessary skills in becoming a Relationship Coach. You will learn how to help individuals in identifying the main problems that are threatening the health of their relationships with others. You will also learn how to help them communicate more openly with their loved ones, so they can address conflicts maturely, reach amicable resolutions and lead happier lives.

► Why choose Let's-Live Coaching for Relationship Coaching?

At Let's-Live Coaching, you will get Guidance and Coaching from some of the best Relationship Coaches in the world. Our Coaches will help you address any physical, psychological or emotional problem that might be preventing you from maintaining healthy relationships. Our Relationship Coaching retreats are designed not just for married couples, but also for unmarried ones as well as families. Through our intense programs, we can help you explore all the dynamics in your relationships and take a step forward in changing what needs to be changed.


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