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Teens - Coaching or Teens Counselling?

Coaching or Counselling?

The boundary between Life Coaching and Counselling is not always well-differentiated, and yet they are two completely different approaches to solving life's problems.

The Counselling approach begins with the assumption that a definite problem exists, which must be solved for the person to be healed.

Coaching on the other hand, begins with a vision for the near future and works to set goals to plan and take action to realize that vision.

While there may be some problems preventing a person from reaching their goals, Coaching does not begin with presenting a problem. 


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Teens Counselling vs Teens Coaching


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A good rule of thumb to choose between Coaching and Counselling is to assess your current needs in terms of trauma, or the lack of it.

Is a previous traumatic experience preventing you from focusing on your goals?

Do you want to be healed of the effect of some previous relationship problem?

If yes, you may want to seek Counselling. However, if you desire more from life in general through Personal and Professional Development,

better time management and social skills, you should seek the assistance of a Life Coach



The goals you set up with the help of a Coach will be measurable and results will be mostly visible – you will be able to "see" the change.

The goals set by your Counsellor may not always be visible since they are typically directed at changing internal thoughts and emotions.

The Coach will take you towards the future – work with you to help you reach the goal of a better future.


The Counsellor explores the triggers and origins of your problems and will take you through your past to confront the problems from where they originated.

Your Coach will share a more personal relationship with you, sharing his/her own experiences.


Coaches can double as counsellors, if they have a relevant Master's degree and mental-health license, for comprehensive Personal and Professional Development


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Become a confident and motivated teen with help from a life coach

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It is only natural for teens and young adults to require additional help in putting their life together.

They have a lot of big decisions to make and important things to do at a young, inexperienced age.

Getting overwhelmed or fearing a loss of control is common.

Let's-Live Coaching understands the importance of teenagers and young adults being able to prioritize organize and manage the various aspects of their life.

The early years lay a foundation for future success and growth and must be handled with extreme care and this is why we offer comprehensive teens and young-adult coaching.

The young-adults and teens coaching instructors at Let's-Live Coaching are driven with passion to empower you so that you realize and utilize your full potential. 


You will be able to ensure all-round development in the present, while preparing for a better future with help from a Let's-Live Life Coach.

You will be able to ensure all-round development in the present, while preparing for a better future with help from a Let's-Live Life Coach.


You will be able to set goals, design and implement strategies, find you inner strength and motivation, improve skills, even develop new ones and achieve your vision for the future.


This is not to undermine Teens Counselling.


Teen and Young Adult Counselling offers pragmatic solutions to trauma-based problems, but focuses more on emotional healing.


Once you are healed and feel confident in working towards achieving life's goals, your Coach will help you do so.

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Benefits of teens and young adult coaching:

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  • Discover your hidden strengths and talents while also building new skills.
  • Manage stress, pressure, time and finances well.
  • Make better, more informed decisions about higher studies, relationships, career and life in general
  • Be more organized, confident, productive, focused, action-oriented, happy and satisfied.
  • Be more healthy, stay away from drugs, alcohol, lying, stealing, cheating and other non-productive habits/behavior.
  • Work towards and achieve the goals you set for yourself.


Let's-Live Coaching believes that you don't need to change yourself to be more confident, successful or happy.

You only need to identify your strengths and enhance your skills; our Coaches help you do just that.

With time, our Let's-Live Coaching family has grown to include highly-motivated and passionate coaches and their satisfied clients. We'll only be happy to have you join our family.

Call us today and learn more about how we can help you be who you want to be.

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