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Teens - Why Consider Hypnosis?

Why Consider Hypnosis?


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Hypnosis is one of the key techniques we use at Let's-Live Coaching to help you find your inner-source of strength, motivation and courage to change for the better.


The American Psychological Association defines hypnosis as an interplay between the participant and a hypnotherapist where the former responds to the suggestions made by the latter.

You must be familiar with the technique thanks to its over-dramatized versions commonly seen on television and in films.


Let it not however, scare you or make you skeptical about the power and utility of hypnosis.


The University of Liverpool suggests that hypnosis could scale down the symptoms of dementia.

It has also been clinically proven that hypnosis provides far-reaching medical, as well as therapeutic benefits.


Hypnotherapy works so well primarily because it blocks out external sources of distraction.


The participant has a heightened concentration and can focus intensely on a specific problem or the suggestions of the hypnotherapist.


Let's-Live Coaching holds hypnosis for teens and young adults to help cure behavioural disorders, and address issues of pain and anxiety. 

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Hypnosis helps teenagers and young adults become more constructive

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It is common for teenagers and young adults to get overwhelmed by the pressures of eduction, work, future career, budding relationships and pressure from peers or overbearing parents.


Let's-Live Coaching conducts hypnosis for young adults and teenagers has been designed to help them fathom their strong emotions without getting overwhelmed.


Accessing your subconscious mind will help you understand your true passions – help you choose the right subjects, courses or career paths and manage academics, friendships and relationships well. 

We do not guide you towards a state of sleep-like unconsciousness. You will be fully awake but, with a noticeable reduction in peripheral awareness so that all your attention is focused on a single issue.


Several studies on hypnosis reveal that participants display an increased response to suggestions in this mental state.


Let's-Live Coaching trainers make the best of this by setting out a structured plan for your development and communicating its advantages to you during the hypnotherapy.

Further, we aim to provide you benefits other than the resolution of conflicts and doubts.


Our hypnotherapists will help you evolve your cognitive abilities, develop skills, talents and strengths that lay dormant in you. 

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What teenage problems can hypnosis solve?

We at Let's-Live provide hypnotherapy to help teens and young adults resolve issues related to their identity, personality and social-skills to name a few.Our hypnotherapists are experts in their fields.They are also certified and derive great contentment in helping you find your inner source of power and motivation. You will be able to -
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• Overcome pain, anxiety, shyness, phobias and reclusive attitudes.
• Control aggression, fear, hyperactivity, ADHD, exam stress and body aches due to stress.
• Resolve issues arising out of self-doubt, low self-esteem, deep-seated insecurities and negative self-image.
• Cure stuttering, stammering, sleep problems like insomnia and frequent nightmares.
• Quit habits like smoking, lying, stealing, bullying, bed-wetting, binging, crash dieting and abusing prescription medicines.
• Boost memory, accelerate learning and enhance productivity at school, college and work. 


Is hypnosis safe?

Yes it is. Hypnosis for the treatment of anxiety, mood control and a few other mental disorders has found mainstream acceptance as a part of standard medical procedure.

No one can hypnotize you against your will or without your voluntary participation.

Further, it is only seldom that you will "WAKE UP" from the hypnosis and not remember what happened during the hypnotherapy.

Posthypnotic amnesia, if it occurs at all, will only be temporary. Children and teenagers especially stand to gain comprehensive advantages from hypnotherapy.

Take the first step towards a new, more confident and successful teen.


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