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Teens - Why Self Development?


Why Self-Development for Teens?


The development of self often becomes a second fiddle for a majority of us.

With so many things to accomplish in so little time, 24 hours a day seem rather insufficient to focus on something as ill-defined as "SELF-DEVELOPMENT", and this is where so many of us go wrong.

Your focus on developing yourself is the single, most important thing that determines your successes and failures in all endeavors, personal or professional.

Self-Development "FUTURE-PROOFS" you, your career, relationships and life in general.


What is Self-Development essentially?


Self-Development is the umbrella term for the the voluntary focus an individual puts on improving himself/herself so that desired goals can be met.


Are you taking personal responsibility for your own learning and development?


If yes, congratulations, because you are effectively practicing Self-Development and have already taken the first step towards achieving your goals.

If no, congratulations, because you are at the right place!


We at Let's-Live Coaching are extremely passionate about helping you develop yourself, achieve your goals and be the successful person you envision yourself as.


Life Coaching at Let's-Live Coaching has been designed to train and assist you in the process of Self-Development.


Your life coach will not only walk you through the process and techniques of Self-Development, but he/she will also empower you to assess, reflect and take relevant action so that Self-Development becomes a habit you can benefit from, long after your life coaching lessons with us are over. 




Self-Development is for anybody who wants to be successful.


If you want to stay updated in today's fast paced, knowledge-based economy then Self-Development is for you.


If you have goals to meet, relationships to keep, new skills and knowledge to acquire or known skills and talents to hone, Self-Development is for you and a Let's-Live life Coach is just what you need.

Self-Development is as useful for a top executive who wants to remain valuable in today's ever-changing marketplace, as it is for a home-maker or a teenager. 



Self-Development for teens


Your approach towards life and yourself in the teenage years dramatically shape who you become in your later years.


With several crucial decisions regarding higher education, career and relationships relying on your hands, the help of a life coach is imperative in ensuring you make the right decisions that match your interests and capabilities.


The Coaches here at Let's-Live Coaching have identified one of the prime requirements of teens – Self-Development and have geared themselves up with the latest in behavioral psychology and technology to help you master the art of Self-Development




Our Self-Development Coach for teens will help you in numerous overarching ways including -

Assessment of your interests and current skills using recognized techniques, skill or aptitude tests and the like.

Identification of your short-term and long-term goals and their assessment in view of your current interests and skills.

Identification of your learning needs – updating/acquiring/modifying old knowledge/skills/habits.

Formulation of a detailed Self-Development plan that is conducive in learning.

Additionally, you'll learn the techniques of recording and monitoring your progress, maintaining journals, logs and personal diaries to record changing needs, difficulties, approaches that work, those that don't work and so on.

 Benefits from the coaching will stay with you throughout your life.


 At the end of the course, you'll be empowered with a better understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses.


Your Life Coach will have taught you how to set goals, manage time, hone your skills, record and analyze improvement, fine-tune what is working and change the approaches that are not working.


Call us today to learn more! 



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