2 days Self-Discovery Master 1 - Life Coaching Course 

To find true happiness and fulfilment, you need to be in love with yourself. The first step to loving and accepting yourself is to discover who you really are inside. Once you have grown to fall in love with the real "you", nothing can stop you from achieving happiness in all aspects of life. Let's-Live Coaching provides a Self-Discovery Master 1 course to help people who are striving to find themselves beneath all the layers and through all the hurdles of life.

About the Self-Discovery Master 1 Course

The 2 days Self-Discovery Master 1 course is a Life Coaching course that has been designed for people to gain an overall personal improvement. The aim of this course is to help you develop and maintain a healthy self-esteem. We believe in enriching people's lives by inspiring them to find and fall in love with their inner selves. During this 2 days course, you will receive several materials that can help you achieve Self-Discovery and nurture your self-esteem. We will present you with a set of useful life skills that can empower you and enhance your personal and professional performance.

How does it work?

Through the Self-Discovery Master 1 Course, you will be taken through a series of exercises to bring out your true identity. You will learn how to free yourself from the negative emotions and personal limitations that are preventing you from living a truly fulfilled life. This course opens up the opportunity for you to get in touch with yourself and what you really believe in. The goal is to get you acquainted with an old friend of yours – which is yourself. As you discover more and more about yourself, you will be able to identify all the past issues and painful experiences that have held you back and prevented you from being happy in life. Recognizing these weaknesses, you will also learn how to let them go and eliminate them from your life.

Overcoming multiple problems through the Self-Discovery Master 1 – Life Coaching Course

The Let's-Live Coaching Self-Discovery Master 1 course has helped individuals with a wide variety of personal challenges in achieving Self-Development. 

Some of the most common problems you can overcome from this course are:

What can you gain from this course?

Aside from its main focus on Self-Improvement and Self-Development, the course also provides guidance in career development. This includes guidance in terms of emotional intelligence, job selection, professional commitments, financial independence, corporate energy psychology, work-life balance and career development plans. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive coaching and assistance for anyone who feels the need to discover their true identity.