What is Life Coaching?

In essence, Life Coaching is a fail-safe personal and professional development methodology geared toward helping people succeed.

It is the science of achieving a sustainable and fulfilled life and the art of accelerating personal growth, through the conscious realignment of positive beliefs and life-affirming values.

A Let's-Live Life Coach guides people through the mirages of their own personal limitation and empowers individuals to rise to new heights, overcome all obstacles and permanently dispel old patterns of thought and behaviour that do not serve them.

At Let's-Live Coaching we believe every person is already whole and complete. We simply facilitate the process of breaking through and discovering what people really want.

Through the application of scientifically proven techniques, Life Coaching mirrors the inner blueprint of each individual and assists them with uncovering the magnificence waiting to be unleashed within.

Welcome to the most effective methods for creating positive change.

Life Coaches come from many diverse backgrounds but all share an enthusiastic view of the raw potential of those around them. A Life Coach is a professional friend and trusted personal connection that supports, demonstrates and explains how individuals can achieve their goals. 

Through the application of proven psychological tools, and positive feedback techniques, a Let's-Live Life Coach turns ordinary citizens into extraordinary individuals and puts them in touch with their own authentic selves. Let's-Live Coaches are naturally people eccentric and feel a compelling inborn need to help and encourage others. We guide people to dissolve the imagined obstacles holding them back from making their own authentic contribution to life.

If you are one of those rare, resourceful and naturally gifted listeners who friends and family turn to when the going gets tough, you might do well to explore a deeply rewarding career as a Professional Life Coach with Let's-Live.

Can anyone become a Life Coach?

If you already think, express and just do things differently, you are a Life Coach in the making. As any truly accomplished Life Coach will testify, it is not a job with a steady pay-check, but a calling with dazzling rewards unlike any other profession. Instead of offering you a clinical description and moving on, let's linger for a moment and assume that you are reading this specific question at this precise moment, because you are naturally drawn to guiding people toward achievement.

If this is the case, here are a few characteristics, principles, and expertise that make up a truly inspired master motivator.

A Let’s Live Life Coach…

  • Is a patient listener and not an impulsive talker
  • Communicates with passion and expresses with intent
  • Feels empathy and teaches compassion by example
  • Knows that anyone can achieve anything at any time
  • Lives like yesterday is gone and makes time today for tomorrow
  • Understands that personal limitation is an illusion
  • Supports his fellows and clients with humility and unconditional commitment
  • Leads people to define their desires and answer their own questions
  • Never criticizes but always energises and uplifts
  • Appreciates the value of trust and keeps a secret sealed
  • Offers resilient insight with actionable solutions
  • Is always motivated and in all ways inspired


Truly optimistic, compassionate and admirable leaders are always in short supply and a very valuable commodity in this modern world. Over and above the personal and financial freedom a Life Coach enjoys, they are natural born agents of personal transformation and genuinely take pleasure in seeing individuals succeed. A Life Coach listens, questions, enlightens and "notice" change now!


Are there different Life Coaching Techniques?

At Let's-Live Coaching our passion for people is evident in the way we perpetually nurture and deliberately drive people to excel and become a source of inspiration for others. Our advanced skills development courses consists of a harmonious blend of Modern Science, Quantum Physics and the latest breakthroughs in Applied Psychology. We drive performance, enhance personal wellbeing and introduce individuals to the blazing power they can wield in every sphere of their lives. Nothing that is alive on purpose stands still. Life Coaching is constantly adapting, evolving and expanding.

Here is a short list of techniques that currently form the basis of the unique Let's-Live Approach to motivation and total transformation:

Personal development, Self-help, Development & Discovery, Motivation and Achievement Psychology, (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Deliberate Thinking, Neuroscience & Time Line Healing, Non-verbal Communication, Detection & Micro-expression Analysis, Quantum Physics, Healing, Hypnosis, Human Behaviour Modification, Scientific exploration, Business & Corporate Coaching, Relationship Science, Student and Scholar Mentoring.


What is the difference between Certification and Accreditation?

Here's an easy way to look at it: Certification deals with the practicalities of becoming a fully qualified Life Coach and Accreditation describes the process of building partnerships with like-minded professionals.

To become a fully qualified and globally recognized Life Coach you need to successfully complete a series of certification courses. Let's-Live Coaching Courses are designed to equip you with the motivational tools and practical skills you will need to become a true master of the motivational arts.

Once you receive your Life Coach Certification, you are ready to launch your own private practice and get Accredited by strategically aligning yourself with Life Coaches, professional Mentors and a diverse community of Professionals from all over the world.       

What about accreditation?

As an accredited and fully certified Let's-Live Life Coach you will be working with people every day and thinking about them every evening. Before opening a book you need to have a genuine love for people and seeing them thrive and achieve. 

A doctor studies for close to a decade and never goes back to school no matter what new developments or discoveries happens around him. At Let's-Live Coaching we know that the only constant is change. New techniques and innovations are constantly being discovered and refined.

A member of the world coaching industry makes it his business to stay on top of these at all times. Accreditation means you step up and claim your place amongst a global community of new thought leaders and spend your time building a life of purpose and distinction.

What about Let’s-Live Accreditation?

As the Coaching industry is completely self-regulated, we understand that formal accreditation is not mandatory, but choose to align our courses and programs to the principles and guidelines set out by various approved institutions. We admire the positive codes of conduct and life affirming ethical principles of several reputable governing bodies and proud to be part of such an illustrious network of intelligent, resourceful and giving companies.

Let's-live is aligned with the following globally renowned leaders in the coaching and motivation field:

All courses at Let's-Live are aligned with the coaching principles and guidelines established by approved industry associations like

  • COMENSA - The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • ICR- International Coaching Register
  • ITA- International Trainers Academy of NLP
  • GSAC- Global Standards of NLP Accreditations and Certifications


What is the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling?

Although Counselling and Life Coaching both draw from the same well, the two highly specialized disciplines vastly differ in approach, technique and overall function. Counselling is a form of therapy where advice is sought for relief from severe emotional trauma. Life Coaching helps people overcome the dis-orders of dis-ease and seeks to integrate spiritual investigations with scientific exploration.

Let's-Live Life Coaches are there in the trenches of transformation right alongside their clients. Where therapy and counselling digs deeper, Life Coaching aims to uplift and help people see the bigger picture through holistic methods that radiate positive and lasting change.


Is there a difference between Life Coaching and Psychology?

It's more of a healthy blend of both than actual differences between the two fields.

Psychology deals with how the mind draws conclusions and how the brain processes emotion. It probes the when and what, while Life Coaching encompasses a wider variety of disciplines to break down the why and how into manageable steps that lead to inspired results every time. Without a deep and thorough understanding of the principles that drive change, clarifies meaning and adds value to our earthly experience, no betterment would be possible.

Life Coaching deals directly with the solutions that enable people to squeeze more from everyday experiences. This is why a Let's-Live Life Coach is a specialist in therapeutic methods and an expert in personal development technologies.


How do I know which Life Coaching institutes to choose?

The answer depends on what you want from a Life Coaching partner and where you see your greatest opportunity for making a positive contribution. Let's-Live can equip you with the progressive techniques you need to become an opener of minds and a teacher of change.

Life Coaching takes a busy brain and a big brave heart but gives so much more than health, wealth and happiness in return. The Let's-Live Coaching methodologies are designed to provide Life Coaches with the most effective tools for total personal transformation and gets to see how everyday people grow into dynamic individuals. A Let's-Live Certified Life Coach goes home knowing that they vanquish fear and banish grief for a living.

Being part of the Let's-Live family means you now have more professional best friends and trusted colleagues than any budding entrepreneur can hope for. If you enjoy infusing others with a zest for life and ready to unleash your potential, our Coaches can't wait to help you get on your feet and blaze your own transformation trail.


What is a Business Coach?

Business Coaching is what is done for corporate professionals to make them more efficient, decisive and productive.

It demands a highly advanced working knowledge of how the commerce game is played and requires that coaches bring a fresh new spike of enthusiasm to the hectic lives of high profile executives who want rapid results and already familiar with what it takes to be truly successful.

More often than not, Business Coaches are themselves already experienced serial entrepreneurs who love to share their proven steps to financial success and live for the ongoing development of emotional well-being in others.

A Let's Live business Coach appreciates the pressures that leadership brings and therefore develops a deep understanding of psychology and the factors that lead to sustainable growth of the individual and the company.


What is a Scholar or Student Coach?

Think of your favourite teacher meeting your favourite Uncle or Aunt after school. Now imagine they just happened to be a qualified Life Coach, Professional Councillor and there to answer questions and listen whenever you need them to. 

A Scholar and Student Coach is an experienced Life Coach with a special focus on supporting, instructing and guiding youthful and mature learners to achieve more clarity about their aspirations and helps them push their limits further

A Scholar and Student Coach nurtures, explains and opens up new avenues of exploration to learners who are eager to enter their vocation and make a positive contribution to their communities and own personal well-being.


What is a Relationship Coach?

There is an old saying that goes, "when grief walks in, love walks out". A Relationship Coach works with couples that are struggling with personal challenges at home and helps them bridge the gaps by showing them where their feelings of anger, doubt, jealousy and a whole host of related misunderstandings really come from. 

The best Relationship Coaches are a special breed or motivator able to naturally listen, offer honest feedback and demonstrate non judgment, patience and compassion in all their interactions. In order to affect the best possible outcomes. A Relationship Coach must be familiar with psychological principles and fully trained to resolve conflict and install lasting change.

Most importantly a Relationship Coach creates a movable platform where hearts and minds can meet and overcome obstacles together.


How can I become part of the Let’s-Live team?

Simply contact us and let's talk about where you think you will make the biggest difference!